Infosecurity México
October 22 and 23, 2024

Infosecurity Mexico is part of the global family of Infosecurity Group

It is the digital and face-to-face platform that integrates the largest supply and demand specialized in strategies, knowledge, and solutions in information security, cybersecurity, attack trends, cloud security, and data protection in Mexico and Latin America.

We connect the cybersecurity community

  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Ethical hackers
  • Experts in data and risk management
  • Information security enthusiasts

Why participate?

Infosecurity Mexico is the most important contact point where companies, professionals, experts and learners of cybersecurity, information security, data protection and more can exchange knowledge, strategies, tools and contacts.

Contact us

Carolina Méndez

Product Manager

T: +52 55 8852 6216

E: [email protected]

Israel Cerda

Marketing Manager

T: +52 55 8852 6215

E: [email protected]